Driving Productivity through Data-driven Transformation & IoT

Create a culture of data-driven improvement by digitalizing shop-floor operations with Kaizen-based IT & IoT. Developed by the top manufacturing minds in Japan, mcframe accelerates factory productivity through cost-effective digital transformation solutions.

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Digital Transformation Solutions

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mcframe IoT

Create a culture of continuous data-driven improvement by digitizing shop-floor operations with industrial Kaizen-based IoT platforms from Japan.


Intuitive menu-based interfaces are easy to pick-up and utilize without extensive training, allowing users to realize the solution value immediately.

Quick Implementation

Developed for quick implementation in any manufacturing environment without requiring a costly stop in production.

Cost Effective

With mcframe’s low-cost packaged software model, manufacturers can invest minimally while focusing on key production factors to quickly increase ROI.


mcframe IT/IoT Solutions

Machine Monitoring

A wireless equipment operation monitoring and maintenance system. This is a quick and powerful solution bearing a highly efficient ROI. SIGNAL CHAIN automatically collects utilization information from machines, new and old, using IoT devices attached to signal towers.

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Machine Monitoring

Paperless Reporting

A paperless reporting solution for factories, warehouses and more. R-PAD converts all handwritten paper forms into iPad data entry forms. Visualize real-time conditions and analyze problems with various graphs based on Japanese quality control methods.

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Paperless Reporting

Virtual Reality Training

A revolutionary workplace education solution implementing virtual reality training environments. MOTION VR-Learning allows team members to learn in immersive, yet safe conditions with eye-tracking VR headsets. Companies can easily create their own VR training materials at low cost, eliminating the need for training-related travel, and allowing for proper social distancing.

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Virtual Reality Training

Manufacturing ERP

A manufacturing ERP and Kaizen cost control system for discrete and process industries. With a focus on production and cost control, mcframe CS covers a wide range of core manufacturing operations, sales, purchasing, and inventory management. CS creates journal data for connection to your current accounting system, eliminating the need for system replacement.

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Manufacturing ERP

Global ERP

A global ERP with communication accelerated UI, supporting business activities worldwide. With multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-standard functions, mcframe GA manages company activities across different regions and countries. mcframe GA is medium-sized ERP with sales, purchasing, inventory, and accounting functions.

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Global ERP

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