PATLITE WD: Wireless Shop-floor Monitoring with Signal Towers

IoT devices attached to signal towers allow wireless, real-time visualization and analysis. The PATLITE WD system is quick to install, granting immediate ability to monitor machine and other shop-floor operation statuses.

Easy Operation Data Collection with Signal Towers

IoT enabled signal towers allow for wireless, real-time visualization and analysis. Simply attach the WD transmitter to a compatible PATLITE model (Current: LR4, LR5, LR6) (Legacy: LE, LME).

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Wireless Data Transmission

The Zigbee mesh network allows signal hopping between units up to 20 meters apart, providing flexibility for various plant layouts. Each receiver can connect up to 20 transmitters. Data transmitted to the receiver can be stored on a local server or cloud.

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Top Share Ultra-bright Signal Towers

Patlite LR Features_Simplicity

Convenient Modular Assembly

Simple “Twist and Lock” system makes it easy to customize and reconfigure light and sound modules without the use of tools or threaded shafts.

Patlite LR Features_Durability

Environmental Performance

A sleek, smooth form factor and an enhanced body construction makes the LR well-suited for harsher environments. IP65 & NEMA 4X/13 ratings protect against water and dust. 

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Exceptional Light Brilliance

With a new re-designed lens and improved light module construction, the LR series provides brilliant, even light for visibility at further distances.

Extensive Worldwide Installations

The PATLITE WD System has been installed at over 1,300 companies worldwide, and has wireless certification in over ten countries including USA (FCC), Mexico (IFT), and Canada (IC).


Connect with Real-time Monitoring Software

Powerful, Easy-to-use Visualization and Analytics

mcframe SIGNAL CHAIN works seamlessly with the PATLITE WD System, allowing manufacturers to remotely monitor their shop-floor. Get key operation data right at your fingertips with real-time status updates, equipment operation history, email and text alerts, downtime reason analysis and more.

Learn more about SIGNAL CHAIN
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Call-to-Alert Speaker System

Connect signal light status changes to a speaker system so team members can be notified for immediate response, even if they are working in remote locations.

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BENG is an Official Distributor for the PATLITE WD System

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