Machine Utilization and OEE Monitoring

Machine Utilization (OEE) Monitoring and Analysis

SIGNAL CHAIN automatically collects utilization information from machines, new and old, using IoT devices attached to signal towers. This is a simple, quick and cost-effective solution bearing a highly efficient ROI (Return on Investment).


Andon visualization of real-time machine status


Clear visualization of real-time machine status that can amount for 20% increase in productivity.

Andon views can be conveniently grouped between plants, departments, lines etc.

Equipment details to be analyzed and evaluated

Equipment Details

Daily, weekly and monthly detailed records can be analyzed and evaluated.

Identify operation trends and problems that were otherwise unnoticed. 

View KPI to analyze important operation statistics using various summary conditions

KPI Details

View KPI to analyze important operation statistics using various summary conditions.

Quickly determine poorly operating equipment with performance ranking lists.

Downtime Cause Analysis to recognize tendencies

Downtime Cause Analysis

Makes it easy to recognize downtime tendencies and frequently occurring problems.

Downtime causes can be recorded in each machine's operation status screen. 

Receive email alerts for machine status conditions such as stoppages

Email Alerts

Set email alerts with detailed trigger conditions for quick reactions to stoppages and other time-sensitive occurrences. Send notifications to multiple personnel to guarantee transparency throughout the factory.

Web API function allows monitoring and collection of equipment data without the use of signal lights


Web API function allows monitoring and collection of equipment data without the use of signal lights. It makes connecting to machines possible via various devices, such as PLC, HMI and more.

Implement preventative maintenance by digitalizing maintenance tasks

Equipment Maintenance

Implement preventative maintenance by digitalizing maintenance tasks. Recording inspection and repair history makes it possible to keep machines running without unexpected breakdowns. Using machine monitoring data, you can estimate the lifespan of machine parts.

Case Study

Case study results after utilizing Signal Chain
  • Decreased reporting work due to accurate automatic data collection on shop floor.
  • Visualizing downtimes and their causes led to effective measures.
  • Patrol work eliminated.
  • Email alerts reduced problem response time.
  • Created training plans for workers to operate low utilization machines.
  • Reduced ‘standby power’ by visualizing each machine status.
  • Ascertained night-shift conditions, and solved problems immediately at morning assemblies.

Installation of SIGNAL CHAIN at Daido Metal México SA de CV in Mexico Factory

Daido Metal

Reduced time spent understanding production line conditions from 8 hours to 10 minutes.

Daido Metal México SA de CV, Installation of SIGNAL CHAIN in Mexico Factory


Wirelessly Collect Signal Tower Data

PATLITE WD system can be installed on a wide variety of machines, new and old, using PATLITE signal towers without the need for networking construction.

ZigBee technology’s wireless hopping/routing functions and mesh topology make flexible and reliable wireless network configurations possible.

Wireless Transmitters attached to PATLITE signal towers send real-time status to WD receivers connected to a server (or cloud), aggregating data to be viewed and analyzed in mcframe SIGNAL CHAIN.

Compatible Hardware: PATLITE LME, LE, LR5, or LR6 models
*Please consult with us regarding compatibility details.

Patlite WD system with signal towers on machines
Digram of mcframeUSA Signal Chain using Patlite signal towers working with WD transmitters and receivers