Manufacturing ERP and
Kaizen Cost Control System

With a focus on production and cost control, mcframe CS covers a wide range of core manufacturing operations, sales, purchasing, and inventory management. CS creates journal data for connection to your current accounting system, eliminating the need for system replacement.

A Seamless ERP Solution

Covers a wide range of core business operations such as sales management, production management, and cost control. With an auto-journal function, it can be linked to various accounting systems. mcframe allows for quick implementation at low-cost, helping companies evolve with Kaizen.



The Structure of mcframe CS

1. Customized Framework
Responds flexibly to the requirements of each customer.

2. Solution Framework
Industry focused optional solutions and adapters are available in order to correspond to unique requirements.

3. Common Framework
mcframe CS comes with numerous preset functions that have been developed based on requirements from thousands of clients.

Function Overview

CS_features_Sales & Logistics-1

CS_features_Production Management-1

CS_features_Cost Management-1

CS_features_Common Fuctions-Tools-1

Cost Management

mcframe CS has superior cost management functions for calculating actual manufacturing costs. By comparing actual costs with standard costs and analyzing the differences, companies can identify the causes and implement cost reduction activities. A cloud service for the cost management system is also available. This can be used with existing production and accounting systems.

CS_graphic_Cost Management Icon2-1

Mass-produced products by item

CS_graphic_Cost Management Icon1-1

Made-to-order products by item, product No.

CS_graphic_Cost Management Icon3-1

Batch-production products by item, lot No.

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ERP for Global Group Management

mcframe CS is designed for smooth management of global factories and can be used as a second standard ERP within the group.


CS_countries_rev_ERP Gtaphic


Worldwide Implementation

mcframe CS has been successfully utilized by more than 1,300 companies in 15 countries.


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Case Studies

  • Suncall Case Study Logo_mcframe CS

    Company: SUNCALL Corporation
    Solution: mcframe CS

    Suncall wanted to accurately calculate production costs per item and process.

    mcframe CS helped visualize incurred expenses and eliminated dependency on worker cost calculation skills.

    Suncall Case Study Image_mcframe CS

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