Virtual Reality Learning
+ Eye tracking

Revolutionizes workplace education, allowing team members to learn in safe conditions with easily created VR environments. Utilizes skilled workers’ expertise to educate trainees, helping businesses overcome the challenges of high turnover environments.

Easy Setup

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Capture Video

Take video (or photos) with a 360° camera to capture the training scenario.

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Build Tutorial

Use intuitive, no-code software to organize scene with training steps and focus points.

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Add Instructions

Finalize training contents by adding important instructions such as procedures and safety tips.

Immersive Training Process



Using a VR headset, trainees enter the virtual environment for an immersive learning experience.



Initiate practice mode to allow trainees to complete tasks based on the previously learned material.



Performance can be quantitatively evaluated to confirm knowledge retention and skill mastery.

Merits of VR Training

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Stimulated Experience

Increase mastery through real-to-life simulated experiences, promoting skill retention.

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Avoid safety risks, allowing unskilled workers to train in safe environments.

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Protect your workforce by eliminating training-related travel, saving time and money.



Work inspection, procedure training, and standardizing work records in factories, power plants and construction areas.


Hazard prediction and safety training in transportation industries such as airlines, trains, shop-floor logistics, and heavy machine operation.


Proper judgement and diagnosis in medical locations, disaster relief areas, and other emergency situations.

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Case Studies

  • Nippo Case Study Logo_mcframe MOTION VR-learning

    Company: NIPPO Corporation
    Solution: mcframe MOTION VR-learning

    Nippo needed to boost safety training contents with realistic material at low cost.

    MOTION VR-learning allowed for internal creation of immersive training environments quickly and easily, leading to impactful results.

    Nippo Case Study Image_mcframe MOTION VR-learning


  • Nissui Case Study Logo_mcframe MOTION VR-learning

    Company: NISSUI Logistics Corporation
    Solution: mcframe MOTION VR-learning

    Nissui considered VR to strengthen HR development and training for employee retention.

    MOTION VR-learning made it possible to experience real-to-life situations with a variety of of educational contents filmed at each work site.

    Nissui Case Study Image_mcframe MOTION VR-learning



Frequenty Asked Questions


VR Equipment



Insta360 ONE R Logo

The ONE R Twin Edition transforms on the fly from a 360 cam to a 4K 60fps wide-angle shooter. It is engineered for safe, efficient shock absorption, while the Lens Guards protect your camera's vitals no matter what life throws at you.

See full specifications      Insta360 ONE R

Insta360 ONE R


FlowState Stabilization


Real-time 360 Video Capture


5.7K Video + 18MP


MicroSD Card



Vive Pro Eye Logo

Featuring the latest in eye-tracking technology, the VIVE Pro Eye enables you to see what your users see and create more natural, immersive experiences. Gain insights about user performance and interaction. Improve training scenarios. Open the door to deeper data analysis.

See full specifications      Vive Pro Eye 


Eye Tracking

Eye-Tracking Technology


Seamless Navigation Experience

Amplified User Analytics

Amplified User Analytics

Ocuclus Quest Logo

Oculus Quest 2 is an all-in-one VR system. No PC or console required. With live casting, you can share your VR experience with people around you. Redesigned Oculus Touch controllers transport your movements directly into VR with intuitive controls.

See full specifications      Oculus Quest 2 



All-in-one VR headset


Portable and easy carry capability


No connection to PC required


Use comfortably with glasses


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