Paperless Reporting
and Analysis

An on-site paperless solution for factories, warehouses, and more. R-PAD converts all handwritten paper forms into iPad data entry forms. Visualize real-time conditions and analyze problems with various graphs based on Japanese quality control methods.

Go Paperless

Eliminate handwritten reports by creating data entry forms on a tablet using current excel formats. No more transferring work from paper to PC!


Various Input Methods

32 digital input methods allow for ease of input and accuracy, conforming to various types of data. Utilize camera, calendar, keyboard, multiple selection, handwriting, barcode, and more!

R-Pad-Graphics_Various Input Methods-

Analysis Dashboard

All data can be reviewed using the Analysis Dashboard, where data sets can be retrieved with simple search functions. Utilize analytical methods often used at manufacturing sites such as scatter charts, Pareto charts, control charts, and more.

R-Pad-Graphics_Analysis Dashboard

Access Necessary Documents

Refer to various support information necessary for task completion directly on-site. View materials such as diagrams and operation manuals in multiple file formats. 

R-Pad-Graphics_Access Necessary Documents and Materials-1

Additional Features



Individually authenticate iPads on the server to allow access. Set report viewing, editing, creation, and deletion authorizations by user or user group.

R-Pad-Graphics_Data Linkage

Data Linkage

Reports can be imported and exported as CSV data. View and analyze data gathered outside of R-PAD Recording with CSV import functions. Link to other systems with Web API function.



Complete reporting tasks offline where signals are weak or non-existent. Once within range of a signal, the completed form will automatically be transmitted and erased from the local iPad.



  • Goods Inspections
  • Delivery Inspection


  • Production Results
  • Process Records

Work Reports

  • Working Reports
  • Daily Reports

Trouble Reports

  • Trouble Reports
  • Quality Reports


  • Opening Checking
  • Daily Checking


  • Digitalizing Current Paperwork


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Case Studies

  • Suzuyo-Logo-2_mcframe-R-PAD_Cimtops-i-reporter

    Company: Suzuyo & Co., Ltd.
    Solution: mcframe R-PAD

    Handwritten reporting caused high workloads, inability to aggregate and analyze data in real-time.

    R-PAD digitalized reports via tablet entry, eliminating 370 hours of work and 5,600 sheets of paper.

    Suzuyo Case Study Image_mcframe R-PAD_Cimtops i-reporter


  • Shimadzu Logo_mcframe R-PAD_Cimtops i-reporter

    Company: Shimadzu Corporation
    Solution: mcframe R-PAD

    Chose R-PAD for it’s combined data recording and analysis functions.

    Transitioned from improvement based on experience, to reliable data-driven improvement methods.

    Suzuyo Case Study Image_mcframe R-PAD_Cimtops i-reporter



Frequently Asked Questions



mcframe R-PAD employs industry leading Cimtops i-Reporter for the solution's data recording functions.
B-EN-G is the general distributor of this software throughout North America.


Time Saver

Cimtops i-Reporter virtually eliminates over 300 hours per month in report and management labor, easing the burden of data collection while allowing organizations to focus on data utilization.


Utilized Across Idustries

Widely used in the manufacturing industry as well as other industries that perform maintenance, inspections, construction, warehouse management, dental care and more.


Solution of Choice

i-Reporter has been successfully adopted by over 2,000 companies globally and has 45% market share of the maintenance & inspection support tools in Japan.

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Motion Board

BI (Business Intelligence) system for companies seeking advanced dashboard analytics to pair with mcframe R-PAD.


Seamless Functionality

Easy analysis at your fingertips. Visualize data from internal and external systems on a single BI dashboard to get the information you need fast. 


Eye-Catching Design

For a simplified dashboard with modern design, create attractive analytics using easily-accessible templates. Utilize many types of charts and graphs to give your analysis an appealing touch.


Extensive Memory Processing

With in-memory technology, this device quickly processes large amounts of data, using the memory of all servers in distributed networks to reduce costs and efficiently distribute the load.


No Programming

Anyone in your organization can create dashboards; no programming required.


Multiple Data Sources

Easily aggregate and integrate various types of data sources in MotionBoard.



Flexibly scale licenses, from a small to a global scale as your business grows.







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