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Machine Utilization (OEE) Monitoring and Analysis

SIGNAL CHAIN automatically collects utilization information from machines, new and old, using IoT devices attached to signal towers. This is a simple, quick, and cost-effective solution bearing a highly efficient ROI.

Real-time Andon

Clear visualization of real-time machine status that can amount to a 20% increase in productivity. Andon views can be conveniently grouped between plants, departments, lines, etc.


Equipment Details

Daily, weekly, and monthly detailed records can be analyzed and evaluated to help identify operation trends and problems that were otherwise unnoticed.


KPI Details

View KPI to analyze important operation statistics using various summary conditions and quickly determine poorly operating equipment with performance ranking lists.


Downtime Cause Analysis

Makes it easy to recognize downtime tendencies and frequently occurring problems. Downtime causes can be recorded in each machine's operation status screen.

MSC Operational Status Type Analysis

Email/SMS Status Alerts

Set email or SMS alerts with detailed trigger conditions for quick reactions to stoppages and other time-sensitive occurrences. Send notifications to multiple personnel to guarantee transparency throughout the factory.


Failure Video Capture

Automatically trigger video capture to record and analyze the problems that may have occurred as well as personnel response.

Failure Video Capture

PLC Connectivity

Connect to various other data hubs separate from the signal lights (PLC, HMI, etc.) through Web API. Such acquired data can be displayed in SIGNAL CHAIN in real-time.

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Case Studies

  • Daido Metal

    Company: Daido Metal Mexico SA de CV
    Solution: mcframe SIGNAL CHAIN

    Decreased time spent understanding production line conditions from 10 hours to 8 minutes.

    Increased production efficiency by 20%. 

    SC Case Study 2

  • Kanefusa Case Study Logo_mcframe SIGNAL CHAIN

    Company: KANEFUSA Corporation
    Solution: mcframe SIGNAL CHAIN

    KANEFUSA adopted SIGNAL CHAIN to improve operational efficiency at its main plant.

    "We can readily discover problems in man-machine allocation, which had the single greatest effect."

    Kanefusa Case Study Image_mcframe SIGNAL CHAIN




Frequently Asked Questions



PATLITE WD Wireless Acquisition System


Easy Wireless Configuration

Wireless Transmitters attached to PATLITE signal towers send real-time status to WD receivers connected to a server (or cloud), aggregating data to be viewed and analyzed in mcframe SIGNAL CHAIN.


Reliable Signal Transmission

ZigBee technology’s wireless hopping/routing functions and mesh topology make flexible and reliable wireless network configurations possible.


360° Light-Emitting Design

The new LED color module features a new, unique interior lens construction that achieves a fuller, more uniform 360° degree light output. Light color is vibrant with more emission area for reliable indication from further distances.


Environmental Performance

Features a rugged structure with the following ratings: IP65 / NEMA Type 4x, 13 withstands various environmental conditions, such as water and dust.


Reorganizing Modules is Effortless

The LR modular system makes reconfiguring the color order simple with it's twist-and-lock design. Replacing and reconfiguring LED units or adding a buzzer module is easier than ever.





IoT Devices




Compatible Signal Towers



Learn more about compatible models and proper configurations.PATLITE WD System


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Equipment Maintenance by SIGNAL CHAIN


A maintenance platform utilizing IoT to connect operations,
workers, and equipment utilization data. Developed for global
customization, and connectivity with the
latest devices.





Conventional Maintenance Work




Paper-based maintenance reporting is difficult to track, open to errors, and time-consuming to compile. On top of that, the collected data may be difficult to interpret, and is no longer relevant for analysis.

Maintenance work with SIGNAL CHAIN





Digitalizing maintenance work with SIGNAL CHAIN eliminates those challenges with real-time data entry and analysis. Don't miss changes in equipment condition, and anticipate repairs before unplanned downtime occurs.



Analysis of daily changes
and equipment failure trends.



Equipment records and trouble reports
by all departments.




Establish business flow
and standardize maintenance work.


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IoT Platform by SIGNAL CHAIN


IoT platform collects, stores, and visualizes various manufacturing
site data with functionality comprised of the Edge, Data Store, and
Quick Viewer tools. Pair SIGNAL CHAIN operation monitoring data
with other variables related to production and manufacturing in a
unified format.



Worker Movement Data


Sensor Data


Equipment Data


Production Result Data

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