WingArc 1st MotionBoard: BI Tool that Aggregates and Visualizes Data to Bring About Action

WingArc1st MotionBoard is a BI (Business Intelligence) system for companies seeking single platform for dashboard analytics. Connect data across all business operations for real-time monitoring, analysis, and notifications.



Aggregate and Visualize Data to Bring About Action

MotionBoard connects valuable data across multiple business segments into one platform.
Over 30 types of visualization methods provide the analytics required to support data-driven improvement.




Key Benefits

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No Programming

Anyone can create dashboards.
No programming knowledge required.

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Multiple Data Sources

Easily aggregate data from over 60 sources. Sensors, controllers, cloud services, files etc.

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Flexible licensing, from small to global scale as your business grows.


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Production & Quality Management

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Maintenance & Workforce Management

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Sales, Marketing and More

Data from non-manufacturing operations can be integrated for advanced insights that drive important business decisions.

Budget Management
Project Management
Sales Trend Analysis
Customer Information Analysis
Area Marketing
Management Indicators
KPI and Forecasts

Dr.Sum: Multi-functional High-Performance Database Engine

Dr.Sum is an analytical database engine for companies that require high-speed aggregation and processing of large amounts of data. Connect with various data sources (ODBC, JDBC and OCI8 Drivers, CSV and Excel files). Dr.Sum includes the basic functions required for database construction and operation and can be developed without any programming.

BENG-mcframe-DrSum-Overview Image